From April 14th-April 16th, 2023, the Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) held its first in-person global health conference since 2019. The host institutions were M8 Alliance, World Health Summit, Georgetown University, Makerere University, Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health, University of Maryland, and Association of Academic Health Centers International. Its theme was ‘Global Health at a Crossroads: Equity, Climate Change and Microbial Threats.’ 445 posters were shown and 1660 people registered for the meeting. In addition, between April 3rd-April 7th, CUGH hosted 17 free virtual Satellite Sessions on a broad range of contemporary global health challenges. On April 13th, CUGH hosted 17 free in-person Satellite Sessions. 1439 people attended the virtual Satellite Sessions, and 1,119 people attended the in-person Satellite Sessions. With the Satellite Session and conference combined, individuals from over 148 countries participated in the meetings. Attendees shared knowledge, identified new collaborators, and heard cutting-edge information on how to address some of the big challenges we are facing.