Please find a directory of Plenary Session recordings from CUGH 2021.

PL02 – Addressing the Social Determinants of Health During the Pandemic in Latin America and the Caribbean
PL03 – Training the Next Generation of Global Health/One Health Professionals
PL04 – Building Capacity for Control of Non-Communicable Diseases in Resource-Challenged Settings
PL07 – Gairdner Global Health Awardees Address
PL08 – Conflict of Interest Related to the Food Industry and Advocacy
PL09 – Strengthening Public Health and Surgical Care in LMICs
PL10 – Women Leaders in the COVID-19 Pandemic Response
PL12 – Newborn Survival: Achieving SDG 3.2 in Less Than 10 Years
PL14 – African Leaders: Addressing Critical Gaps in Global Health and Development