Capacity Building Platform

This site was created to strengthen training in low income countries by connecting trainers with the training needs of institutions in those countries.

The site has two parts: the first enables institutions to list their specific training needs; the second, is a portal for institutions to list the trainers they have who are interested in providing the training. We are inviting academic institutions, governments and NGOs in low resource settings to use this platform to share their training needs.

This database will only be as useful as it is used so please use it and share it widely.

Much thanks goes to CUGH’s Capacity Building Subcommittee for their efforts in this project.

Capacity Building STAR Project Resources

The USAID funded STAR Project in which CUGH was a sub released its Landscape Analysis which looked at the capacity needs of academic institutions in the US and in LMICs with respect to developing effective global health engagements.

See also, STAR’s Comprehensive Review of Academic Partnerships. This review was conducted in partnership with CUGH’s STAR Committee. We are grateful to the members of CUGH’s STAR Committee who contributed to these reports which may be of use to anyone developing collaborations between academic institutions.

Other capacity building resources from STAR are: