CUGH recognizes that in order to make its global health initiatives and partnerships viable and sustainable over time it needs to build a strong core comprising engaged members that share the CUGH vision. The Membership Committee will strive to build that membership core consistent with the CUGH mission.

The Membership Committee is responsible for identifying a strategy for growth and maintaining CUGH’s membership base.

Charles Larson – McGill University (Chair)
Abigail Kazembe – University of Malawi
Gilberte Bastien – Morehouse School of Medicine
Guy Palmer – Washington State University
Joseph Kolars – University of Michigan
Keith Martin – Consortium of Universities for Global Health (Ex-Officio)
Wafaa El-Sadr – Columbia University
Viveka Guzman – Royal College of Surgeons Ireland (TAC Representative)
Sebastian Romero – University of Utah (TAC Representative)