The CUGH Global Health Educators Community (GHECo = “gecko”) provides professional development and networking opportunities for professors who teach global health courses, design curricula and experiential learning activities for nonclinical undergraduate and graduate programs, and oversee baccalaureate majors and minors, academic master’s degrees, and research-based doctoral degrees.

GHECo will begin hosting events in September 2023. All global health educators are welcome to participate in GHECo events and volunteer for leadership roles within the group. Questions about GHECo may be directed to the founding co-chairs, Kathryn H. Jacobsen (University of Richmond) and Caryl E. Waggett (Allegheny College). 

The October 2023 virtual teachers’ lounge will meet on Zoom on October 3 starting at 6pm ET (3pm PT). Click HERE to register to participate in this conversation group. 

All global health educators are welcome to attend GHECo events. CUGH membership is not a requirement for participation in GHECo.