A Note from our Executive Director:

As you know, we canceled our 2020 global health conference due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A remarkable slate of speakers and topics were booked for the meeting. We did not want to lose this opportunity and were determined to see how we could share the knowledge that was going to be presented with global health practitioners worldwide. Thus, we created this eBook which contains some of the presentations that were slated for the conference.

The eBook is divided into separate links to make it easier for those who have limited access to the internet. The first section is a compilation of some of the presentations that were going to be made during the satellite day and conference. The other links are the abstracts for the accepted posters divided across the conference’s sub-themes.

We hope this material will be helpful. Please share this eBook widely, so that many others can access this knowledge.

We are deeply grateful to the presenters who sent in their material and those who generously sponsored the production of the eBook. I would also like to thank Jenna Smith who led the project, Emilee Benos and Eneka Lamb who compiled the information, and the members of the host institutions who helped us plan the meeting.

Section 1: CUGH 2020 eBook Panels and Satellite Sessions

Section 2: eBooks of Abstracts (organized by track):