The Academic Program Advisory Service Initiative (APPI) matches academic programs wishing assistance with those who can provide it.

Teresa Eduarda Machai, Enga, MBA, Manhica Health Research Center/Centro de Investigação em Saude de Manhica (Co-Chair)
Barbara Kamholz, MD (Co-Chair)
Tracy L. Rabin, MD, SM, FAAP – Yale University
Korydon Smith – University at Buffalo
Keith Martin – Consortium of Universities for Global Health (Ex-Officio)
Richard Wamai – Northeastern University
George Shakarishvili – Institute of Global Health
Naya Villarreal – University of North Carolina
Amy Moore – Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Dereje Demissie – St Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College (TAC Representative)
Foluso Ishola – McGill University (TAC Representative)
Emma Herbach – University of Iowa (TAC Representative)

ABOUT APPI: The Academic Partnership Program Initiative (APPI) is designed to connect individuals representing institutions that are interested in creating, growing, or strengthening their global health programs, with individuals who have substantial programmatic experience in global health and are committed to help through provision of personalized, targeted guidance. The program provides mentorship to individuals from a CUGH member institution; preference is given to individuals from global health programs that are in their early or middle stages of development. The mentorship period lasts a year. Following an initial formal introduction, it is expected that there will be frequent contacts (typically, a 30-minute telephone meeting every 1-2 months) over the course of a year, with additional e-mail correspondence as needed. A site visit could be part of the program, with costs of travel covered by the institution requesting assistance. We have found this to be a very useful program for our members. We hope that you will consider joining our team either as mentor or mentee. Please direct any questions you have about the program to

CRITERIA: This mentorship program is intended for institutions that want to develop their global health programs. It is not intended to provide career guidance for individuals. Mentors must be either individual or institutional CUGH members. Mentees must be staff or faculty at a CUGH member institution. Mentees are expected to use the knowledge obtained through APPI to improve their institution’s global health program.