CUGH’s 2017’s annual conference theme was “Healthy People, Healthy Ecosystems.” This theme is reflective of CUGH’s ongoing efforts to work collaboratively and across disciplines to disseminate information and address complex challenges the world faces. CUGH embodies a vision of a safer, healthier, more compassionate, open, and fairer world. CUGH believes in a world without borders, because the desire for health and well-being is universal and doesn’t change based on race, ethnicity, national, socioeconomic status, sexual identity, or geographic location.

For the first time, data from the 2017 CUGH Global Health Conference has been aggregated into the form of an eBook. The purpose of this eBook is to address the most prominent health issues of 2017 presented during the conference. This eBook, titled Research with Real Outcomes, will allow global health professionals and students access to research presented by prominent global health researchers to address prevalent global health problems. Having access to the most up-to-date research in an aggregate format will guide students and professionals on effective health interventions, impact, cost-effectiveness, and policy implications when addressing global health needs. We hope this eBook will be a useful guide to policymakers, researchers, and students alike to improve the lives of everyone, but particularly those who are disadvantaged. The findings in this eBook come from some of the world’s finest researchers in global health. Please use it.

Thank you to University of Maryland Baltimore MPH student, Breana McKinnon, BSN, RN, for aggregating the research and recommendations from CUGH’s 2017 conference into this book.