CUGH 2021 Interview: Gaps in Global Health with Muhammad Ali Pate, The World Bankhttps://youtu.be/ymaYlrnVWeU
CUGH 2021 Interview: Biodiversity, Extinction Crisis & Health: Elizabeth Mrema, UNCBDhttps://youtu.be/sazEea8PfSM
CUGH 2021 Interview: Geopolitical Challenges with Richard Haass, Council on Foreign Relationshttps://youtu.be/aHXC-9BmvG0
CUGH 2021 Interview: Resetting our Relationship with Nature: Inger Andersen UN Environment Programmehttps://youtu.be/Vutq4GmwsfU
CUGH 2021 Interview: Corruption and Global Health with Tom Burgis, Investigations Correspondenthttps://youtu.be/3QhWtflJlio