The CUGH Global Health Competency Subcommittee of the Education Committee has been instrumental in defining competencies for global health education and professional development, as well as exploring ongoing conversations and controversies around global health competencies and careers. In 2015, the Competency Subcommittee and collaborators published a seminal article in the Annals of Global Health defining levels of proficiency, as well as desirable competencies for two levels – the global citizen level and the basic operational program oriented level. What followed was the publication in 2017 of the first edition of the Competencies Toolkit.

New to the 3rd edition are three additional competencies as well as an update to the majority of the other eleven resources found in the tool kit. Institutionalization and Sustainable Development, Planetary Health, and Decolonizing Global Health are included in this edition as well as the addition of disability resources.

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