The CUGH Global Health Competency Subcommittee of the Education Committee has been instrumental in defining competencies for global health education and professional development, as well as exploring ongoing conversations and controversies around global health competencies and careers. In 2015, the Competency Subcommittee and collaborators published a seminal article in the Annals of Global Health defining levels of proficiency, as well as desirable competencies for two levels – the global citizen level and the basic operational program oriented level. What followed was the publication in 2017 of the first edition of the Competencies Toolkit.

In the second edition of the CUGH Global Health Education Competencies Toolkit, it has been revised and updated following a similar format from the first edition including: table of contents, the competency, teaching strategies, and accompanying resources (websites, articles, reports, books, and study questions) that provides curricular content to support the competencies for those proficiency / trainee levels. What is NEW in this current 2nd edition is the addition of annotated bibliographies (for many of the competencies), which provides a further explanation of the focus of a particular resource, all competencies peer-reviewed and placed in a “user-friendly” platform. We are hopeful that with this additional information, as users – you will be better able to access resources for your teaching, research and practice.

Again, it is important to note that its contributors acknowledge that it continues to be a “work in progress” much like a “living document” as a “starting point”, rather than a definitive, comprehensive resource. This CUGH Competency Subcommittee will continue to work on validating the list of these competencies, while further development and exploration will occur at the other levels stated in the 2017 article and within other disciplines.

Please direct any questions or comments to Thank you for your interest in this toolkit and global health education.