The Educational Products Subcommittee reviews, recommends and as appropriate, develops educational products; assures quality of products posted on CUGH’s website.


Roy Mubuuke (Co-Chair of EPS)
Atiene Sagay (Co-Chair of EPS)
Erica Frank – University of British Columbia
Alex McGee – University of Washington
Shala Namak – Wake Forest School of Medicine
Karin Bage – Karolinska Institute
Keith Martin – Consortium of Universities for Global Health (Ex-Officio)
Robin Goldman – UCSF-SFVA-WHHS
Barbara Astle – Trinity Western University
Dereje Demissie – St. Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College (TAC Representative)
Derrick Bary Abila – Wright State University (TAC Representative)
Asia Payne – Wright State University (TAC Representative)

The Educational Products page has open-access toolkits, online courses, case studies, and other materials that are useful for the global health community. Many thanks goes to EPS for their work in curating and vetting many of the resources on this site.