Free Online Courses

  • Confronting the Burden of Injuries explores injury epidemiology and focus on how interventions may be mindful of the personal and economic burdens associated with injuries in the developing world.
  • Diabetes- A Global Challenge discusses cutting-edge diabetes and obesity research including biological, genetic and clinical aspects as well as prevention and epidemiology of diabetes and obesity.
  • Diabetes- the Essential Facts provides an introduction to the most recent research in the field of prevention and treatment of diabetes as well as a broader understanding of the situation in different communities.
  • Global Tobacco Control is an introduction to global tobacco uses in the health and economic spheres and focus on transnational tobacco control, epidemiology, and regulation.
  • Global Health Initiative – Diabetes Awareness is a review of the major components to understanding diabetes. 
  • Global Health Initiative – Hypertension Awareness focuses on the types of, root causes, symptoms, health implications, and treatment of hypertension.
  • PREMIUM Counselling for Alcohol Problems is a competency-based introduction to Counselling for Alcohol Problems. Provides the knowlege (through online didactics) and skills (through peer and mentored interactions) needed for primary and lay health care workers to deliver this treatment, develop skills to build patients’ motivation to change their drinking behaviour, provide harmful drinkers with skills to change their drinking behaviour, and to prevent and deal with relapses.
  • PREMIUM Healthy Activity Program is a competency-based introduction to Healthy Activity. Provides the knowledge (through online didactics) and skills (through peer and mentored interactions) for primary and lay health care workers to deliver treatment to patients with moderately severe to severe depression and how to teach patients strategies to solve their own problems.
  • Through my Eyes – Intellectual Disability Healthcare around the World provides a focus on the stories of people with intellectual disabilities around the world, as well as their families and supporters.