October 28

Oral health diseases affect over 3.5 Billion people globally. From dental caries to oral cancer, many of these diseases are preventable or treatable if found early in their progress. Despite this, coverage for oral health is usually not part of UHC and known public health measures are not implemented that can dramatically, and, cost-effectively address these health threats.
This panel of global leaders in oral health will share what can be done to reduce the enormous burden oral diseases are having on people around the world.


Dr. R. Bruce Donoff
Walter C. Guralnick Distinguished Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Harvard University Distinguished Service Professor

Dr. Irene Adyatmaka
Maranatha Christian University
CUGH Global Oral Health Interest Group

Assistant Professor Arish Naresh
Chief Executive Officer
Omeo District Health
International Oral Health Association

Professor Allen Ming-Lun Hsu
Dean of Dentistry
National Yang Ming University


Dr. Keith Martin
Executive Director
Consortium of Universities for Global Health