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December 18Give Us Your Input Into What the Biden Administration’s Global Health Priorities Should Be!
December 9Human Health and Ocean Pollution- Addressing the Urgent Crisis to Save the Planet’s Oceans and Save Ourselves
October 20Improving Short-term Global Health Activities: Introducing Declaration and Advocacy for Global Health Partnerships
October 14Canadian Global Health Institutions
October 7A Tale of Two Collegiate Issues: Student Debt and Underrepresented Minorities in Higher Education in the US
September 22Engaging with Congress
September 15Communicating with the Public, Media and Stakeholders
August 12Global Efforts to Reduce the Burden of Cervical Cancer: Session 3 – Ensuring effective implementation of cervical cancer prevention and control strategies
August 6CUGH Trainee Advisory Committee and Campus Representatives Informational Webinar
August 5Global Efforts to Reduce the Burden of Cervical Cancer: Session 2 – Latest scientific advances, tools, and approaches to address cervical cancer control at the country-level
July 30Reducing Race Based Disparities in the United States
July 29Global Efforts to Reduce the Burden of Cervical Cancer: Session 1 – Overview of the global initiatives in cervical cancer control
July 16Gun Violence in the Americas: Local Solutions to a Hemispheric Challenge
July 108th Annual Symposium on Global Cancer Research Selected Oral Abstract Presentations
July 9Health and Medical Education Challenges in the Middle East: Syria as a Case Study
June 30WHO State of the World’s Nursing Report – Strengthening Nursing Education, Employment and Leadership
June 26Improving Breast Healthcare Through Resource-Stratified Phased Implementation
June 23The WHO – Reforms, COVID-19 and the US Departure
May 14Addressing Racial and Socioeconomic Disparities in the US
May 12The Impact of COVID-19 in Africa & Latin America: Challenges & Opportunities
April 29Preventing Pandemics: Three Areas for Action
April 16Tackling the COVID-19 Pandemic: Experiences from Asia
April 2COVID-19 Pandemic: A View from New York State
March 27The Lancet & CUGH Global Health Webinar Series | Episode 3: Building Your Career in Global Health and International Development
March 24Gun Violence in the Americas | Focus: Mexico
March 11The Lancet & CUGH Global Health Webinar Series | Episode 2: Increasing Equity in Global Health
March 10CUGH Webinar Update: The COVID-19 Pandemic
February 26The Lancet & CUGH Global Health Webinar Series | Episode 1: Speak to the Editors: Getting Published and Other Insights into the World of Global Health
February 18The One Health Opportunity: A Powerful Mechanism to Improve Global Health Outcomes
February 5Improving access to palliative care: Interdisciplinary approaches to ease serious health-related suffering
January 312019 Lancet Countdown: Opportunities to Improve Health through Climate Action
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