September 20, 2016

CUGH is collaborating with Liaison International (LI), an internationally recognized leader in the development and management of Centralized Application Systems (CAS) to explore the possibility of CUGH implementing such a system for global health programs within North America based academic centers.

Many of you may be familiar with Liaison and their application services since they provide application services to over 5,000 programs across 800 campuses and likely touch many programs on your campus. Some of the disciplines they service are Public Health, Health Administration, Pharmaceutical, and Dental, to name a few.

Liaison’s CAS will offer benefits to applicants, participating schools and the profession as a whole. Applicants can apply to multiple Global Health programs through a user-friendly application portal. Schools can promote their programs to a wider national applicant pool and transfer manual verification tasks to Liaison’s capable and efficient team. The profession as a whole will benefit from gaining insight into best practices through analysis of application and enrollment data.

Liaison provided details of the CAS, discussed the benefits to all constituents, showed a brief demonstration and left ample time for questions and answers in this webinar.