The Consortium of Universities for Global Health is run by a secretariat based in Washington, DC.

Keith Martin, MD, PC

Executive Directorexecutivedirector@cugh.org202-974-6363

Dr. Martin is a physician who, since September 2012, has served as the founding Executive Director of the Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH). Between 1993-2011, Dr. Martin served as a Member of Parliament in Canada’s House of Commons. He held portfolios in foreign affairs, health, the environment, defense  and international development. He has been on many diplomatic missions in areas in crisis around the world but particularly across Africa and worked as a physician on the Mozambique border during their civil war. He has spent many years volunteering on conservation efforts in  South Africa and is a member of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada.

Dalal Najjar

Deputy Directordnajjar@cugh.org202-974-6353

Dalal is currently the Deputy Director of CUGH in Washington, DC. Having majored in Public Administration and International Relations, prior to her time at CUGH she has helped men, women, and children in places lacking basic health care, food, shelter, and education. She previously served as Global Response Team Leader in Jordan working with Syrian refugees with Save the Children International, and as Merlin’s (Medical Emergency Relief International) Country Director in the West Bank/ Gaza Strip, Country Representative in Libya and Tunisia during the Arab Spring, and Team Leader for programs in Kenya, Somaliland, and Somalia.

Jenna Smith

Events & Membership Engagement Managerjsmith@cugh.org202-974-6291

Jenna Smith has worked in events for ten years since she was in university and graduated with a degree specifically in Hospitality and Event Management. Since then she has worked in corporate events in San Francisco, lived in Paris, France, served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in community health in rural Madagascar, worked at an eco-lodge in the rainforest in New Zealand, traveled extensively across continents, and planned and written about events all along the way. Working as the Event Manager at CUGH combines everything she is passionate about: health equity, being an active member of the global community, and connecting people through events and programs.

Julia Zygiel

Administration & Communications Coordinatorjzygiel@cugh.org202-974-6363

As the Administration & Communications Coordinator, Julia serves as the office manager, conducts bookkeeping, and provides support to the Education and Research Committees as well as the Board of Directors. Julia is also the website administrator and is the main point of contact if you have materials to share through the CUGH network. Julia holds a B.A. in Creative Writing and Spanish from Providence College.

Roara Michael, MHA

University Liaison Program Officer (PHI/CDC Fellowship Program)rmichael@cugh.org202-835-2252

Roara Michael, MHA is the University Liaison Program Officer at the Consortium of Universities for Global Health. As the Program Officer, Ms. Michael, in collaboration with Public Health Institute, facilitates communication between project staff and academic members about the PHI/CDC Global Health Fellowship Program. Ms. Michael also coordinates member engagement on process design, application selection and support, and engages with accredited schools and programs to support outreach efforts of the fellowship program.