January 31, 2017

This webinar featured Shannon Marquez, PhD, MEng from Drexel University.

Engineering has wide application to Global Health from bioengineering to civic engineering to mechanical engineering and beyond. This webinar provided faculty and global health practitioners outside the field of engineering a foundational understanding of how engineering is related to global health. This included key vocabulary, case studies, resources and conferences. Attendees built an appreciation of how to work inter-professionally with engineering efforts.

This webinar was the third installment of a 6-part series, TEACHING GLOBAL HEALTH THROUGH AN INTERPROFESSIONAL LENS.

| ABOUT THE SERIES | Global Health is fundamentally an interprofessional pursuit, yet educators are often more familiar with their own discipline and can be challenged to teach global health through an interprofessional lens. This CUGH webinar series aims to equip educators with a basic understanding of the need-to-know aspects of different disciplines approaches and contributions to global health. Webinars will include key learning objects, vocabulary, and resources to bring multiple professional approaches to your global health course. This is especially useful for educators who do not have content area experts in other disciplines available to co-teach.