Press release: CUGH Calls on President Trump to Stop the Forced Removal of Children from Asylum-Seekers

Washington, DC (June 20, 2018) — The leadership of the Consortium of Universities for Global Health is calling on President Donald Trump to immediately stop the removal of children from families who are seeking asylum at the US border.

The rising level of extreme violence in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras is driving families northward to seek asylum and protection in the United States. Central American gangs are preying on women and children. They try to forcibly recruit children into their gangs. Those refusing to join them run the risk of sexual assault, torture or death. The migrants seeking refuge at the United States’ southern border are not felons but are victims. Compounding this tragedy is the fact that 60% of the women fleeing north are sexually assaulted as they make this perilous trip, according to Amnesty International.

The US government is exacerbating the trauma these people have already endured by forcibly removing the children from their parents. This can have devastating, long-term health outcomes for the children including social impairment, increased disease and disability.

The Consortium Universes for Global Health is the world’s largest consortium of academic institutions and other organizations involved in improving the health of people and the planet. We are calling for an immediate stop to the separation of children from their families and that these individuals be accorded protection as asylum-seekers under US asylum law. This statute applies to those who have a well-founded fear of persecution which clearly these people have.

Please see the letter here.

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