The unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by Russia is an egregious assault on a peaceful democracy. This attack violates international norms, treaties, and the Geneva Conventions. It is inflicting loss of life, disability, and the destruction of Ukraine’s economy and its environment. The attacks against Ukraine’s nuclear facilities and threats to use nuclear weapons by President Putin demonstrates an appalling disregard for human life and global security—and threatens a global health crisis involving nuclear fallout.

More than 1 million people who were living their lives peacefully last month are now refugees, fleeing for their lives. This is a humanitarian disaster, and the worst refugee crisis Europe has faced since World War II.

The Consortium of Universities for Global Health roundly condemns President Putin and his government for executing this unprovoked invasion. We call on him to withdraw his forces from Ukraine and halt his attacks against the country immediately. The consequences of this war of choice will be not only be felt by that country but also by the Russian people, and the world.

CUGH supports the international community’s efforts to penalize Pres. Putin, his cronies and the oligarchs who support him, and support the Ukrainian people in their fight for their freedom.

To help the Ukrainian people see:

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