Jun 8
Tuesday, June 8, 2021 11:00 am - 12:00 pm Virtual

Education disruption has severe and inequitable consequences. What issues and strategies should be taken into consideration for education continuity and sustainable reopening of schools? How can elementary, secondary schools and universities in the U.S and Canada be safely reopened—and stay open—during the Covid-19 pandemic? In this seminar, we will hear from a range of experts across public health and education who have been at the forefront of policy guidance. This webinar will focus on more inclusive policy considerations that go beyond Covid-19 to address pandemic-related and pre-existing inequities in schooling for recovery.  


Sarah Lee, PhD, MPH
Health Scientist, CDC Healthy Schools
Division of Population Health

Prachi Srivastava, DPhil
Associate Professor,
Education & International Development Faculty of Education
University of Western Ontario

Anne N. Sosin, MPH
Policy Fellow
Nelson A. Rockefeller Center Dartmouth College

Libby Bonesteel
Montpelier Roxbury Public School District


Gavin Yamey, MD, MPH
Center for Policy Impact in Global Health
Duke Global Health Institute