Master of Public Health

Program description: 

The Public Health Graduate Program (PHGP) at Purdue University is dedicated to training science-based public health professionals who are proficient in both basic and applied sciences. Such training allows for the translation of discovery to application for optimizing health.

Our MPH degree program includes three tracks from which students may choose. In our combined masters (BS/BA+MPH) track, students from participating departments apply in their Junior year to begin their public health training in their senior year. For the dual degree (MS/MA/PhD + MPH) track, students are admitted to both an academic unit on campus and the PHGP. In these two tracks students develop their scientific expertise and understanding of public health policy and practice. Our third track is a stand-alone MPH where students pursue only the MPH degree. In all cases, students choose a concentration from Family and Community Health, Environmental Health or Health Statistics. Graduates are prepared to function and take leadership positions in the multifaceted public health arena.

Program discipline(s): 
Public health