Contestant: CUGH-Pulitzer 2016 Global Health Video Competition(Innovation Category)

CUGH-Pulitzer 2016 Global Health Video Competition Contestant (Innovation Category)
Obstetric fistula is not a disease—it is a condition caused by prolonged, obstructed childbirth. It is most prevalent in young girls like Carolynne Nikomo, who was afflicted at 12, but it has been pandemic for so long that Vanesia Laiti, a woman in her 70s, lived with it for 40 years before she recently received treatment. Some of these women’s stories have happy endings, like Carolynne, who is able to have another child, but many are not able to be fully cured, or at least not immediately. Still, all the patients encounter doctors, nurses and midwives who work around the clock to help them. For women who have been shunned by their husbands and families, this is truly life-changing.
Ann Gloag, the Scottish founder of the Freedom from Fistula Foundation, grew up in modest circumstances, but was taught by her parents to always give as much as she could. Now, after creating with her brother one of the largest transportation companies in the world, the former operating room nurse has both the means and the will to do more. As both a compassionate person and a canny businesswoman, her goal with her African charities is to make them self-sustaining and operated as fully as possible by Africans. SHOUT GLADI GLADI is set in two of Gloag’s clinics: the Fistula Care Centre at the Bwaila Maternity Hospital in Lilongwe, Malawi; and the Aberdeen Women’s Centre (AWC) in Freetown, Sierra Leone.
Ms. Ann Gloag
Dr. Jeff Wilkinson
Ms. Lois Boyle