CUGH-Pulitzer 5th Annual Video Competition: Honorable Mention in Advocacy in Global Health Category

Video Description: Anemia is a serious public health problem with the highest burden in women and young children. It is a complex condition caused by multiple factors which act through interwoven mechanisms, and differ by context. It is critical for policymakers and programmers to understand the anemia situation in their specific context, and to address anemia based on the information and evidence they have. As governments decentralize, it becomes even more important to work at the district level in a multi-sectoral approach that addresses the leading causes of anemia. SPRING developed the District Assessment Tool for Anemia (DATA) to assist countries in strengthening anemia programming at the district level. DATA helps districts determine factors contributing to anemia in their specific setting, identify enablers and barriers to addressing anemia, and prioritize interventions and actions to strengthen anemia-related programming. This video features the implementation of DATA in Nepal and Uganda, focusing on local leaders and stakeholders who participated in DATA district-level workshops and national training of trainers sessions. In the video, leaders speak to the value of the tool for information gathering and intervention prioritization in their specific contexts.

Video Credits: Joshua Yospyn on behalf of SPRING with Danya Sarkar and Teemar Fisseha, John Snow Inc.

Districts Address Anemia with DATA