Learn More About the STAR Project

Sustaining Technical and Analytic Resources (STAR) is a five-year project of the Public Health Institute, supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Its goal is to strengthen global health professionals, organizations, and the practice of global health through:

  • A learning-centered Fellowship and Internship program
  • Capacity-building for host organizations in low and low-middle income countries
  • Knowledge-sharing collaborations between academic institutions
  • STAR is managed by the Public Health Institute and implemented in partnership with Johns Hopkins University (JHU), the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), and the Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH).

    What is CUGH’s role on STAR?
    CUGH’s role is to engage the academic global health community into the Project - including its network of 190+ member universities. CUGH supports the Academic Partnerships (AP) team to better understand how to support mutually beneficial global health academic partnerships and knowledge sharing towards the development of stronger GH programs. For questions about AP, please email academicpartnerships@ghstar.org.

    STAR Fellowships and Internships
    STAR provides a unique opportunity for individuals to gain skills and experience in global health through Fellowship and Internship placements in a variety of settings. Through these placements, professionals will gain hands-on experience in global health, enhance knowledge and skills through individualized learning, and build a powerful network. These experiences can be in government, academia, NGOs, foundations, or the private sector.

    STAR Fellows are varied in their levels of experience, areas of expertise and backgrounds. Fellows can be early in their careers or seasoned technical experts, while Interns may be enrolled or recently graduated from a degree program. Each Fellowship and Internship will have specific qualifications including years of experience, skills and degree requirements.

    Click here to see the current list of open positions.

    Click here if your institution is interested in becoming a host organization.

    How can I stay up to date with STAR Project updates?
    Sign up for the STAR listserv at https://www.ghstar.org/ to receive Project updates and notifications of new Fellowship or Internship openings. You may also want to follow STAR on the social media platform of your choice:

  • Twitter (@GHSTAR_Project)
  • Facebook (GHSTARProject)
  • LinkedIn (Sustaining Technical and Analytic Resources (STAR) Project)
  • For more information, visit the STAR website at: https://www.ghstar.org/