Winning Video: CUGH-Pulitzer 2016 Global Health Video Competition (Advocacy Category)

This is a story about the Power of Partnership

1 in 120 children are born with a heart defect, and 90 percent live where care for their condition is inadequate or unavailable. Children’s HeartLink trains doctors and nurses in underserved parts of the world to diagnose and treat children with heart disease. Our training model is transforming health care in the regions where we work.

Many low- and middle-income countries are grappling with the best way to scale up surgical care for individuals faced with life-threatening, yet treatable, conditions such as heart disease and cancer. West China Hospital in Chengdu resides in a region lacking the industrial and economic wealth found in Asia’s modern cities, yet its pediatric cardiac care program surpasses many of those with far greater resources.

Since 2009, Children’s HeartLink has supported a partnership between Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children and West China Hospital to foster the training and mentoring of doctors and nurses in Chengdu, China. The results of their support is improved patient outcomes and expansion of the hospital’s capacity as a regional patient referral center and academic training institution Additionally, this partnership produced the first pediatric cardiology fellowship in all of China. The power of this partnership is that it will save children’s lives, not just at this moment or for this year, but for future generations.

It was directed by Susan Bordson, Children’s HeartLink volunteer, and filmed and co-produced by Nate Maydole of Don’t Blink.

This is a story about the Power of Partnership