Any CUGH or AFREhealth member can apply now for a $10,000 grant related to improving women’s health.  Up to 4 $10,000 USD grants will be disbursed.

Individuals, including graduate students, in medicine, nursing, public policy, public health, social sciences, law, veterinary sciences, engineering, and other related global health fields in a CUGH or AFREhealth member institution are eligible to apply for this grant. 

To learn more about the program’s objectives, funding restrictions, eligibility, and application requirements, please visit the request for proposals.

In 2020, Hologic Inc. launched the Hologic Global Women’s Health Index (HGWHI) — a multiyear, comprehensive global survey about women’s health — to help fill a critical gap in what the world knows about the health and wellbeing of the world’s women and girls. Conducted annually, the survey provides the timeliest, globally comprehensive data from womens’ perspectives on their health and wellbeing.  Grantees are encouraged to use the Index in their work to improve women’s health policies and practices.

Applications are due October 30th, 2023 and should be submitted using this form.