Epidemiology and Population Health

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Program description: 

The British PhD is aimed at students who anticipate a career in which research plays a major role and who want to focus on an independent piece of research.

Under the supervisor's guidance, students develop the intellectual and technical skills required for research and gain insight into the nature of research, which will provide the foundation for an excellent future research career.

The broad research areas within the Faculty of Epidemiology & Population Health are identification of the determinants of ill health and evaluation of interventions to improve global health and reduce the burden of disease. Our aim is to conduct research which is methodologically innovative and which provides reliable information for evidence-based decision making in public health. There is a strong emphasis on the translation of findings into programme action and health policy.

Program discipline(s): 
Global health
Public health
Child and family health
Environmental studies
Food and nutrition
Gender and sexuality studies
Public policy