Global Health Area of Scholarly Concentration

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Program description: 

The Center for Global Health (CGH) offers clinical rotations at international partner institutions to FSM students during the summer between their first and second-year of medical school as well as at various points during phase II and phase III of the curriculum. After first year, FSM students pursue independent research projects, mentored by a Northwestern faculty member, that meet the Area of Scholarly Concentration requirement.

The mission of the Area of Scholarly Concentration (AOSC) is to train students to perform a highly mentored project which culminates with the writing of a thesis. The goals of this program include the performance – in a highly individualized area of independent study – of a hypothesis-driven investigation or formal project in biomedical research or a medically related fields. Areas of investigation include clinical investigation, translational medicine, global health, community and family health, medical humanities and the medical social sciences.

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Global health