MPAS Global Health and Underserved Populations Track

Program description: 

The St. Catherine University MPAS Program Global Health and Underserved Populations Track is a way for interested students to gain an educational and experiential concentration that will prepare them to work in underserved areas throughout the United States and the world through dedicated didactic and clinical curriculum components under the direction and guidance of a faculty mentor with global health experience (GHUP mentor). The tract utilizes existing curriculum components by adjusting individual student work to correspond with the track goals and objectives as well as the student specific study plan designed by the student and his/her mentor. Outside resources will also be recommended in accordance with the study plan in order to enhance student competency in specific knowledge areas and/or skills needed for working in global health and with underserved populations. The Goals of the program are to:

1. Develop a broad perspective on health, illness, and health care that includes an understanding of the social determinants of health as they relate locally and globally
2. Apply research skills to analysis of global health issues
3. Understand the importance of an inter-professional approach to global health on both the individual and community level
4. Become familiar with an expanded range of clinical conditions and unusual manifestations of common illness
5. Recognize how medical practice and priorities differ in resource-poor communities.

Program discipline(s): 
Global health