Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Immunology

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Some of the objectives of the Institute for Biomedical Research and Innovation (IBMRI), University of Uyo include:
 To provide continuing education in treatment of tropical diseases for senior primary health care workers, general medical practitioners, and clinicians through interactive onsite clinical teaching sessions and publication of printed and electronic teaching materials;
 To offer research tracked degrees in relevant areas;
 To develop expertise in research into diseases prevalent in local environment as well as harnessing local remedies and practices from herbs and herbal preparations into effective and efficient therapeutic agents.

Manpower availability in the field of Medical Immunology is poor in this region of Nigeria and in Akwa Ibom State in particular and requires urgent attention. In line with the above mandate of IBMRI, University of Uyo, the postgraduate Diploma Program in Medical Immunology is about to commence at the Institute. It is designed to meet the knowledge demand and ultimately manpower improvement in Medical Immunology in Akwa Ibom State and the entire Southsouth geopolitical zone of Nigeria. With maturity of the PGD program and other relevant courses, enough manpower would be available to commence advanced degrees in the field.
The PGD program content include basic and clinical immunology and, diagnostic technologies. The program will contribute in broadening the knowledge required by medical and allied health professionals to enhance their practice skills, manpower needs and aspirations in the Universities and University Teaching Hospitals, Biotechnology, Medical Sciences and Research Institutes.

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