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“Oral health is a global public good and a basic human right” ~ Dr. Anvar Velji


CUGH's first interest group was its global oral health interest group (GOHIG). Oral health is a neglected global health challenge. We are committed to improving access to dental care and prevention, particularly in low income communities through building capacity, education, and research. If you are a dentist or other public health professional please join this group and identify ways we can strengthen access to quality oral health for all.

What are social determinants of health (SDH)?

Oral health can be influenced by social factors such as socioeconomic status, place of residence, or education. Global oral health aims to reduce health inequality among different social groups.


Journals can be useful tools for educating people about global oral health and promoting change to improve oral health equality:

The Oral Health Atlas

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Assessing the Contribution of the Dental Care System to Oral Health Care Disparities 

A competency matrix for global oral health

Global Reference List of 100 Core Health Indicators, 2015

Strengthening of Oral Health Systems: Oral Health through Primary Health Care 

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WHO September 2005 oral health bulletins

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